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Next release: V24.1 ​ (June 2024)

1. Product Usability Improvements


New Command to Extract Configuration Information

Management of IFS components in the same version as the native

ARCAD Skipper

IBM i Source Code Management

New DOB for MENU created from DSPF and *MSGF

ARCAD reporting enhancement​

ARCAD Verifier

IBM i Regression Test Automation

Ease of use in a simple mode : without data management ​

Use the purge command from the interface

2. VS Code Extension​

More ARCAD functions in VSCode​

More features for VS Code extension ​

Management of maintenance report inside VS Code​

Application management & loading functions inside VS Code​

ARCAD iUnit in VS Code​​

Deliver the same Level of Unit testing in RDi or VSCode Workbench​

jUnit in VS Code Extension

CI/CD via git in jUnit Project​ ​

DB Mocking

Program/procedure Mocking

Internal variable tracing​

3. Application Intelligence​

New Product! ARCAD Discover

Web designed impact analysis tool​

  • Standard I/O Diagrams and Flow diagrams
  • Database diagrams
  • Source Code analyzer

Artificial Intelligence​

Code understanding feature to provide Natural language interpretation of code

4. Better Integration with Standard Tooling

ARCAD CodeChecker

  • Create a 5250 command to run ARCAD CodeChecker directly on sources on IBMi 
  • Better integration with ARCAD version control 
  • Generate a result spool file (similar to a compilation spool file) when ARCAD CodeChecker is used in 5250

5. Test Automation Tools Improvement

ARCAD iUnit​

  • Code coverage aggregate ​
    Having aggregate of the Code coverage by program : taking into account all lines of code reached by multiple test cases in one Code coverage result​
  • DB file data as expected results (input and output) ​

6. Modernization of IBM i Application

New Product! ARCAD Transformer MicroServices

End to end modernization​

  • Selection of Code ​
  • Audit of suggested extraction ​
  • Extraction of the Code to create a new procedure ​
  • Insertion of the new procedure call​
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